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Build your Decarbonisation PAS Team………

NetRet Group has been established to provide PAS 2030:2035 Certification, TrustMark Registration, Competence, Qualifications and the Support needed for the housing sector, contractors, individuals and self-employed across the UK to deliver energy saving works to homes.

We work with the Housing Sector to support contractors in gaining certification to the most recent and relevant PAS 2030 measures to work on government-funded workstreams such as Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) - and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) – Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

In addition, we collaborate with local colleges in Wales and throughout the UK to offer a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance their qualifications through National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) short courses and recognised retrofit qualifications. Through several funding streams, we provide a pathway for personnel to upskill, offering training, support, and certification. Funding support is also available to assist in accessing these resources.

As a Group, we employ staff with over 15 years’ experience within the Energy Efficiency Market and Insulation sector.

Recomended Qualifications for you

Decarbonisation/Retrofit work has a number of different disciplines. NetRet can provide all the necessary training and qualifications that are required and they’re all designed to be flexible to fit around work commitments.

The UK Government scheme for residential retrofit in the UK is through a government-endorsed high-quality framework of technical standards within domestic retrofit, known as PAS 2030:2019.

Our qualifications are designed to help you meet the requirements of delivering accredited retrofit/decarbonisation work including those projects requiring PAS and/or TrustMark certification.

PAS provides a framework for contractors, property owners, asset managers, material manufacturers, estate managers, and funders to utilise. A fixed reference point and the essential common language for all stakeholders.


NetRet also offers the following Qualifications and Training through our Sustainability Centre in Partnership with Robert Price: 

Bold*= Most Popular 

  • Level 1 Award in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Level 1 Award in Waste and Recycling
  • Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit*
  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Cavity Extraction
  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Property Maintenance Operations*
  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Fenestration
  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Photovoltaic Panels (Solar)
  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Insulation & Building Treatments*
    • Pathway 1 - Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing
    • Pathway 2 - Wall Tie Replacement
    • Pathway 3 - Cavity Wall Insulation
    • Pathway 4 - Solid Floor Insulation
    • Pathway 5 - Under Floor Insulation
    • Pathway 6 - Cold Roof Insulation (Covers Loft)
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Insulation & Building Treatments*
    • Pathway 1 - Room in Roof
    • Pathway 2 - Park Homes
    • Pathway 3 - Hybrid Wall
    • Pathway 4 - Insulating Framed Sections of Buildings (Covers Flat Roof, Pitched Roof and Warm Roof)
    • Pathway 5 - External Wall Insulation Boarder
    • Pathway 6 - External Wall Insulation Finisher
    • Pathway 7 - External Wall Insulation Boarder and Finisher
    • Pathway 8 - Internal Insulation (Walls)
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Fenestration
  • Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings - (2022)
  • Level 4 Certificate in Retrofit Assessment*
  • Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Supervision (Construction) - Retrofit
  • Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management*
  • Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management (Construction) - Retrofit
  • Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice
  • Level 7 NVQ Diploma in Senior Site Management


To view our Training Courses & Qualifications follow this link

Starting your PAS journey

PAS 2030 is a British Standards Institute (BSI) specification which outlines the requirements for installing, commissioning, and handing over energy efficiency measures (EEMs) for domestic retrofit projects.

The current PAS 2030:2019 specification was released in June 2019 and sits alongside PAS 2035 ‘Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency’. PAS 2030 is predominantly a contractor/installer applicable specification as it deals with installing, commissioning, and handing over decarbonisation/retrofit projects. To deliver these projects the contractor/installer will need to be PAS Accredited (click here) or work under our NetRet PAS Umbrella. PAS 2035 is associated more with the Built Environment professional and is concerned with identification and evaluation of improvement options (energy efficiency measures, or EEMs); design and specification of EEMs (whether individual measures or packages of multiple measures); and monitoring and evaluation of retrofit projects. Unlike PAS 2030, there is no Accreditation for PAS2035, however there’s a requirement for certain certified professionals including Retrofit Assessor, Retrofit Coordinator and Retrofit Installer.  These roles are usually separated from the contractor and can be delivered by certified individuals, surveying companies, Housing Associations, Local Authorities etc.  To find out more including funded (in some case 100% funding) please click here.

In achieving PAS 2030 certification a contractor/installer must have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place that ensures installations of a high standard. The QMS needs to cover things such as:

  • Accurate record keeping
  • A change management process
  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • A complaints process
  • An inspection and verification of work process
  • A material/product transportation and storage process
  • An employee and subcontractor competency records
  • Processes for equipment calibration and maintenance/servicing

NetRet has PAS routes and solutions for tradespeople, contractors, DLO’s.  Please get in touch to discuss further.

Functions and their Qualifications

  1. Vocational Competence for Contractors/Installers - Vocational competence provides stakeholders with assurance and peace of mind and is an essential part of the PAS Framework requirements.  We achieve this through tailored qualifications and by providing the important link to the material manufacturer network.  Click here for qualification details
  2. Retrofit Assessors (RA) - A Retrofit Assessment is the foundation of achieving successful decarbonisation in existing houses. RA is a key role/function in the process as defined by PAS 2035. A competent RA will provide accurate information thus enabling the ‘retrofit team’ to assess the correct energy efficient measures (EEM) for a property.  Retrofit assessments form the bedrock of successful decarbonisation planning and delivery. Click here for qualification details
  3. Retrofit Coordinators (RC) - A Retrofit Coordinator will consider the best delivery route for the property, ensure that the correct energy efficient measures (EEM) are being installed, and undertake a risk assessment to ensure EEM’s complement each other and the property. RC is a key role/function of the process as defined by PAS 2035. Click here for qualification details
  4. Other Key Roles/functions within the Retrofit Team – as well as Retrofit Assessors (RA) and Retrofit CoOrdinators, the Team also consists of Retrofit Advisors, Retrofit Designers, Retrofit Installers and Retrofit Evaluators.  NetRet provider qualifications for all roles/functions within the retrofit team. Click here for qualification details
  5. NetRet People-Focussed Decarbonization - Retrofit is as much about people as it is about the asset/property. NetRet has team members who have worked extensively within the social housing sector and domestic retrofit in terms of senior leadership roles, procurement, asset management and project delivery. The need to engage with all stakeholders including colleagues, contract holders, residents, community representatives, Board Members and funders is an essential part of the process. NetRet is developing training/qualifications that support this key element of decarbonisation. Click here for qualification details


To view our Training Courses & Qualifications follow this link

The Onboarding Process – Building Your Retrofit Team

Welcome to NetRet

NetRet is a leading training and certification provider, dedicated to supporting the social housing sector in achieving its net zero goals. With a team of experienced professionals, we work in conjunction with our partners to provide awareness, training, qualifications and certifications that individuals and organisations need to deliver measurable quality services. Our focus is to help social housing providers reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency, and provide a sustainable living environment for tenants. We are accessible and user-friendly for the housing association sector and their contractors, enabling them to upskill their workforce and sub-contracted support through a variety of funded options. TrustMark enables us to fully embrace the quality and delivery service advantages in securing confidence in every aspect of our delivery.

The Construction Leadership Council has forecast that the industry needs circa 500,000 new professionals and trades to meet this requirement. They need a simple and accessible process to demonstrate their skills and competency, to open opportunities for future initiatives and the creation of a sustainable market.

  • Building a Skills Matrix - Our team can help with a straightforward skills assessment and build a tailored skills matrix for your decarbonisation delivery team and contractor resource, covering both internal staff and sub-contracted resource.
  • Informed and Prepared Supply Chain - NetRet are happy to support you with 'meet the buyer' events, undertake awareness building sessions, and host contractor days at the Sustainable Energy Centre Newport to highlight the simple pathways contractors can take to obtain competencies, training and certification. This equips them for decarbonisation projects and enhances your access to a vocationally competent and prepared supply chain.
  • Integrated and Tailored - Our expert assessor and trainer network is both experienced and broad. We are able to evolve with the needs of individual clients, building delivery teams and supply chains to meet the requirements of the specific housing stock, the individual energy efficiency measures required, and a delivery team that can meet the needs of the housing stock and contract holders/residents.
The Opportunity

The drive to meet net-zero targets combined with on-going increases in energy prices means that there is now a significant demand for businesses that can carry out quality retrofit energy efficiency works to homes.

The TrustMark Scheme supports the construction sector with its appetite to move to more formal licensing, to drive better and consistent outcomes in areas of currently ‘unregulated’ delivery.

The TrustMark Scheme enables energy efficiency improvement works which support a fabric first, whole house approach to be delivered by a competent business within a flexible.

assurance arrangement, underpinned by the existing TrustMark structure and processes.

Responsible Person

Who is responsible for your organisation? We recommend assigning a designated “champion” to coordinate the registration of candidates onto their correct pathways. This person would be the go-between for your operatives and us (the service provider).  Once the company details have been added and your operatives’ details for enrolment have been confirmed the next steps will be:

  • Follow this link to begin our membership process.
  • Follow this link if you’re just enquiring about qualifications.
  • An assessor/advisor will be in touch to talk with you and/or your submitted operatives.
  • We will identify or confirm the courses and any pathway towards qualifications.
  • We will email your invoice over for payment and/or the relevant links for funding.
  • Upon payment will confirm with an email and start you on your agreed path as advised by your assessor/advisor.

In addition, we will shortly e mail over to you a list of what we believe to be the most popular courses and qualifications for Housing Association Teams.

Membership to NetRet

Allows your business to be part of a government endorsed quality scheme that covers the majority of trades carrying out retrofit improvement work in and around the home.

With integrity, we will apply our principles consistently to everything we do, principles based upon quality, honesty and impartiality giving value of money, with the homeowner at the very Heart

Differentiate your business by letting potential customers see you are part of a Government Endorsed Quality Scheme and carry out the work to the highest of standards and protection under the TrustMark Guarantee, when you onboard with NetRet.

The level of reassurance gained through the NetRet membership scheme and the NetRet Code of Practice, ensures only qualified Competent persons can carry out works under the TrustMark Umbrella.

Scheme Benefits

The TrustMark Scheme can bring benefits to a wide range of key stakeholders:

For Consumers

  • Confidence in the work undertaken
  • Work is carried out by competent vetted people
  • Work and the relevant Financial Protection fall within a robust monitoring process
  • Built-in resolution and dispute services
For Your Businesses
  • Enables delivery of services to consumers where the customer has engaged with specific funding or grant programme.
  • Provides a structured basis for future planning to invest, recruit and train personnel.
  • Enhances your reputation by working within a recognised consumer protection framework.
  • Supports the Able to Pay “ATM” market through formal borrowing routes.
  • Opens opportunities for funding and inclusion in future government initiatives and exclusive markets.

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