Complaints Procedure

Policy Document for Complaints 

  1. Clear Accessible Dispute Process: NetRet shall ensure that its dispute process is clear, accessible, free of charge (up to the point of Alternative Dispute Resolution) and easily understood by all parties.
  2. Amicable Solution: NetRet shall make all reasonable efforts to reach an amicable solution to build consumer confidence.
  3. Obligations for Proper Management: NetRet shall understand its obligations for the proper management and handling of customer disputes.
  4. Swift Handling of Breaches: NetRet shall deal swiftly with breaches of the code of conduct.
  5. Dealing with Unjustified Disputes: NetRet shall ensure that vexatious or unjustified disputes are dealt with efficiently and firmly.
  6. No Involvement in Commercial Disputes: NetRet and TrustMark shall not become involved in commercial disputes or claims for compensation.
  7. Investigation of Complaints by TrustMark: NetRet shall allow TrustMark to investigate complaints via the sub-contract agreement.
  8. Facilitation of Mediation: NetRet shall facilitate mediation when needed and follow the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman (DRO) procedures. 
  9. Cost of Referring Dispute to DRO: When a dispute has been referred to the DRO, the cost will be invoiced by Trustmark to NetRet.
  10. Responsive and Free Dispute Resolution: NetRet shall be responsive and provide free-of-charge dispute resolution services.
  11. Service Level Agreement and Issues Outside Remit: NetRet shall cover the service level agreement and issues that are outside of its remit.
  12. Cooperation with Other Agencies: NetRet shall provide the same level of cooperation to agencies such as Ofgem, energy suppliers, government departments, and provide help to vulnerable people.
  13. Cooperation with Trustmark and its Agents: NetRet shall cooperate fully with Trustmark and its agents and provide all related documents and allow independent surveys that can be charged to NetRet.
  14. Issue Conclusion: When TrustMark appoints its agents with NetRet, we shall conclude the issue within 3 months unless otherwise stipulated by TrustMark.
  15. Support to Consumers: NetRet shall ensure robust arrangements to support consumers if a registered business with the scheme provider disputes the resolution of the dispute and identify alternative solutions and remedial plans.
  16. Suspension of Actions: During the dispute, NetRet can choose to suspend actions within the dispute resolution if legal action takes place.
  17. Disputes Outside Remit: For disputes outside the scheme's remit, NetRet will ensure that other dispute services have been made available.
  18. Equal Service: NetRet will check that registered business provides equal service to public and private owner/occupiers. 

This policy document outlines NetRet's commitment to resolving customer complaints in a fair and efficient manner. By adhering to this policy, NetRet aims to build trust and confidence with consumers and maintain its high standards of service. 


  1. All complaints, disciplinary actions, and appeals will be handled confidentially, and only those who need to know will be informed.
  2. Participants are reminded that they should not discuss any complaint, disciplinary action, or appeal with any third party, including other participants, unless necessary. 

Source: Trustmark – Framework Operating Requirements 08  

Policy for Disciplinary 

  1. Should legal action or an Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR take place against a registered business that directly relates to the provision of services under Trustmark be commenced NetRet will undertake a review to consider a potential application of sanction to immediately suspend or remove from the public register pending further investigation.
  2. NetRet will follow the agreed sanction and removal policy after reviewing suitability to continue or otherwise with detailed evidence.
  3. Multiple complaints and disputes: NetRet will provide a full investigation and audit and support implementation of actions within a defined period of time. The business may be removed from the register, following agreed sanctions and removal policy.
  4. NetRet will assist Trustmark with any investigation of a registered business and support the implementation of corrective measures excluding financial assistance – subject to an appeals process. 

Source: TrustMark – Framework Operating Requirements 7.2 

Policy for Appeals 

  1. A customer who is dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint investigation or disciplinary action may submit an appeal to NetRet via email or post.
  2. NetRet will acknowledge receipt of the appeal within five working days and will endeavour to respond to the appeal within 28 working days.
  3. If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, they may escalate the matter to an independent third party - Alternative Dispute Resolution. 

Source: NetRet Customer Service

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  1. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains current and effective.


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