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Being a TrustMark Licensed Business isn’t just about displaying a logo or wearing a badge; it’s much more than that. You’re part of the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme in the UK and everything that means in terms of quality, assurance and peace of mind for your customers.

Membership of NetRet allows your business to be part of a government endorsed quality scheme that covers the majority of trades carrying out retrofit improvement work in and around the home.

To apply for TrustMark alongside your registration with NetRet, please select the right scope of membership from our Applications section of the website.

Elevate Your Business in the Retrofit Sector with TrustMark Accreditation

Attention retrofit installers and contractors, are you looking to convert more quotes into solid contracts? Here’s a compelling statistic to consider: Research indicates that you can boost your conversion rate by as much as 34% simply by displaying well-known, trusted logos like TrustMark on your official correspondence and vehicles.

Why TrustMark? TrustMark is not merely a logo; it's a seal of approval recognised across the UK. When you’re TrustMark registered, it signifies to your clients that you adhere to government-endorsed standards of quality and reliability.

With NetRet the Power of TrustMark accreditation doesn't stop at just the logo. Once registered, you can build and grow your business with NetRet’s support for training and PAS 2030 Certification.

Get Found by Those Who Are Looking Every month, over 750,000 consumers specifically search for TrustMark registered companies. By becoming TrustMark accredited, you’re making a decision to position your business in front of a significant and motivated audience.

Take Action Now Isn’t it time your business benefits from this level of visibility and trust? Follow the link to complete your registration today and take the first step toward leveraging these opportunities.

The Benefits


NetRet - TrustMark Overview

What is Licence Plus

The Licence Plus Scheme provides a key route in supporting TrustMark Registered Businesses to engage in a transitional adoption of fabric-first, whole house retrofit. This additional aspect of the licence has been created to support the achievement of the UK’s Net Zero targets and aid homes in reducing their household energy bills.

The Licence Plus Scheme showcases the competency and quality workmanship of TrustMark Registered Businesses who can join the Licence Plus Scheme through participating TrustMark licensed Scheme Providers. The delivery structure is adaptable so that onsite audits of Licence Plus businesses can be carried out by Scheme Providers who opt to do so, or by TrustMark where required.

For more details on Licence Plus Click Here

By applying for TrustMark Registration, your business can enjoy benefits including:

  • Covers all Energy Efficiency Measures when registered with NetRet as a TrustMark Scheme provider
  • Differentiate your business by letting potential customers see you are part of a Government Endorsed Quality
  • Scheme
  • Ensure that you are ready for any requirements introduced for ECO and other funded incentives
  • Use the TrustMark branding on your vehicles, website and marketing materials to promote your business and raise
  • your TrustMark profile
  • Free access to the TrustMark Business Portal

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements you or your employees need will be determined by the requirements of the NetRet membership scheme through which you have gained TrustMark approval, and as per the NetRet Code of Conduct.


The level of insurance you need will be determined by the requirements of the NetRet membership scheme through which you or your employees have gained TrustMark approval, and as per the NetRet Code of Conduct.


You or your employees will need to undergo regular onsite inspection in line with the scheme requirements set by NetRet and as per the NetRet Code of Conduct.


Self-certification must be carried out within 21 days of completion of an installation in order for a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to be used unless under a Competent Person Scheme.

Where relevant the notification will trigger a Work Quality Guarantee by the guarantee provider.

Website Listing

Once successfully approved, your business will be added to the TrustMark register and on the NetRet online search facility.

Logo Placement

Members will have to sign and agree to our Logo Placement use document.

  1. As Registered Business, NetRet Group Ltd will allow you the use of these logos for marketing or communication purposes in line with the below requirements and any requirements stipulated within the relevant [Scheme] and TrustMark rules and documentation; 
  2. By using this logo, you are demonstrating your competency and professionalism as a competent business, adhering to the TrustMark sub- sub- licence; 
  3. As per the NetRet Group Ltd Code of Conduct, the business will act in a professional manner at all times and will not act in a manner that brings the Scheme, Industry, or TrustMark into dispute; 
  4. The use of these logos will be permitted for as long as the Business is a member with NetRet Group Ltd. 
  5. The colour, layout, look and size of the NetRet Group Ltd and TrustMark logos should remain the same. 
  6. Only use the logos given to you by TrustMark and NetRet Group Ltd. 
  7. Do not use the logo for purposes other than those awarded, certified or licenced by NetRet Group Ltd. 
  8. The brand and logo intellectual property being used is only used for the purposes of which it is licensed and will not be altered, defaced or used in a manner that would bring the industry or brand into disrepute or be misinterpreted in any way. 
  9. Logos and brands will be used in accordance with the TrustMark Brand Identity Guidelines. 
  10. If you are wanting to use the logo for any other use, prior permission from the appropriate oversight body would be required. 

Actions which lead to a breach in any of the brand identity guidance, scheme rules or agreements will result in loss of membership to NetRet Group Ltd and associated registrations or licences.

Terms & Conditions

All applicants must adhere to NetRet Group Terms & Conditions Policies before onboarding. Click Here

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