Optimised Retrofit Programme 3: guidance 2022 to 2025 (ORP 3)

Requirements of Optimised Retrofit Programme year 3

  1. Social landlords are required to undertake retrofit measures to homes using PAS 2035 (PAS 2035:2019 Specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings). Lodgement with TrustMark is strongly recommended, with the intention of this being a requirement in the near future.
  2. Social landlords are required to install Environmental Sensors compliant with, ‘Optimised Retrofit Programme: environmental and energy monitoring’.

    Landlords are encouraged to include in their applications installation Environmental Sensors only to homes that will form future retrofit programmes (such ORP 3 2024/25) to create pre-retrofit data to support choice of measures for homes.
  3. Social landlords are required to use existing information and focussed survey data to develop a Whole Stock Assessment for their homes.

    Social landlords should produce a Target Energy Pathway for each home undertaking retrofit measures in ORP, setting out how that home will ultimately achieve targeted levels of affordable warmth and decarbonisation.

    To note – further guidance will be sent on what is required for both the Whole Stock Assessment and the Target Energy Pathway in due course.
  4. Social landlords are required to report on number of premises receiving retrofit measures, type of intervention used and other key outputs.
  5. Social landlords are required to provide details as to who their product and services suppliers are (name, web page, business address). Social landlords are also required to supply details and comments on the training their staff and suppliers are accessing in Wales as part of Net zero skills Wales | GOV.WALES
  6. Social landlords are required to report on additional funding streams that are applied for that relate to retrofit activities which includes own contribution and other financial streams.

Our 'NetRet ORP3 Certification and Training Pathway' encompasses:

  1. Active engagement with contractors and their staff
    1. Joint e mails to contractors outlining PAS 2030/TrustMark Registration and Training support
    2. Support with training matrix and registration on courses with funding
    3. Learner management system to prove up to date situation for audit
    4. Support for their PAS 2030 and TrustMark journey
  1. In-depth training for in-house staff and DLO’s.
    1. Support with training matrix and registration on courses with funding
    2. Learner management system to prove up to date situation for audit
    3. Support for their PAS 2030 and TrustMark journey
  1. Added benefits:
    1. Online joint communications
    2. Virtual contractor seminars
    3. Engagement with the community
    4. Support with job fairs

The NetRet ORP3 Contractor Service is tailored to bolster social landlords in their mission to meet the ORP3 guidance for contractor engagement for PAS 2030, TrustMark and training.

NetRet ORP3 Contractor Service: What it provides.

  1. Elevate Your PAS 2030 and TrustMark Compliance:
    1. Build your PAS 2030 Certified and TrustMark Registered Supply Chain: Establish and grow robust ties with contractors.
    2. Seamless Connection with the Supply Chain: Let us bridge communication gaps, ensuring that everyone is aligned with PAS/TrustMark standards.
    3. Supply Chain Empowerment: Equip your supply chain with a clear training matrix and easy access to funded qualifications.
    4. Always Audit-Ready: Our Learner Management System ensures that your supply chain can swiftly gauge where they are on their Pathway.
  1. Building a Sustainable and Empowered Supply Chain:
    1. Stay Informed: Real-time online dashboard to keep you and your supply chain updated on training progress.
    2. Knowledge Sharing: Exclusive virtual contractor seminars to enlighten, engage, and empowered to meet PAS 2030.
    3. Community Engagement: Connect deeply with your communities, building a sustainable supply chain while unlocking career opportunities.
    4. Talent Scouting: Make the most of our support in organising job fairs, ensuring you have the best talents to drive your mission forward.
  1. Added Benefits:
    1. Management of 100% funding for all retrofit and ‘green’ courses via partner funding
    2. Training needs matrix:  to meet the needs of ORP3, PAS 2030 and TrustMark
    3. Ongoing support to meet individual needs for training for career development
    4. Flexible Options: for classroom, blended and online learning

Our approach isn't just about ticking boxes; it’s about enriching your operations, strengthening your relationships, and setting you on the path of unparalleled excellence and connectivity utilising best in class systems.

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