A First for Wales

January 2023

A First for Wales

NetRet Group Ltd is leading the way in the retrofit training and accreditation industry in Wales by providing the necessary training, accreditation skills, and support for the housing sector, contractors, individuals, and self-employed to deliver energy-saving works to homes. NetRet works with the housing sector to upskill their in-house teams and has a proven track record of helping contractors achieve the qualifications needed to meet the requirements of the PAS 2030/2035 Framework.

In the fight against climate change, the built environment plays a critical role, and NetRet Group is committed to supporting a full spectrum of clients with it portfolio of services, including:


  • Built Environment/Asset Professionals: Funding through the Personal Learning Account (PLA) is available to support qualifications relevant to the surveying, assessment, and coordination of decarbonisation and retrofit work. NetRet Group's team can help housing associations build a competent and qualified team that is compliant with the PAS 2030/35 Framework.


  • Contractors, Installers, In-house Contractor Delivery Teams: To ensure vocational competence in decarbonisation work, funding is available to support contractors and Direct Labour Organizations (DLOs) in obtaining National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).


  • PAS and Accreditation Solutions: As a PAS 2030/2035 accredited company, NetRet Group can help contractors/installers deliver decarbonisation work using PAS 2030/35.


  • Trustmark Scheme Provider: As a Trustmark Scheme Provider, the company can support contractors in becoming Trustmark Registered Businesses, ensuring quality, assurance, and peace of mind for customers.


The goal of NetRet Group is to help the built environment sector meet regulations and standards and support the transition to a net zero carbon future. With the support of funding, the company is ready to assist individuals and organisations in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Optimized Retrofit Programme (ORP) and the Net Zero agenda.

If you would like to learn more about how NetRet Group can support your decarbonisation efforts, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team is ready to work with you to develop a tailored plan to meet your unique needs and requirements.

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