Calling all Retrofit Contractors in Wales

June 2023

NVQ & Retrofit Funding Available

We are delighted to bring you news regarding local funding for Wales, as advocates for excellence and industry standards, we recognise the need for skilled professionals who possess the necessary expertise to uphold PAS guidelines effectively.

We have been working closely with local government and colleges to bring the best funding opportunities for a full range of NVQs & Retrofit qualifications

NVQ & Retrofit qualifications, serve as a cornerstone for individuals involved in implementing and maintaining PAS standards. Here are the key reasons why NVQ & Retrofit qualifications are paramount for successful PAS implementation:

  1. Compliance and Consistency: NVQ & Retrofit qualifications provide a standardized framework to assess individuals' competence and ensure adherence to PAS guidelines. By emphasizing the importance of NVQ qualifications, we strive for greater compliance and consistency throughout our organization, maintaining the highest standards of implementation.

  2. Understanding PAS Principles: NVQ & Retrofit qualifications offer comprehensive training in the principles and practices outlined in PAS documents. Your personnel acquire an in-depth understanding of the requirements, methodologies, and best practices necessary for successful PAS implementation.

  3. Practical Application of Skills: With a focus on remote assessments, NVQ & Retrofit qualifications equip your personnel with the necessary skills to apply their knowledge effectively. This hands-on approach enables them to address real-world challenges and make informed decisions to ensure the seamless application of PAS principles.

  4. Quality Assurance and Risk Management: By requiring NVQ & Retrofit qualifications, we enhance your quality assurance and risk management processes associated with PAS implementation. Your qualified professionals possess the expertise to identify potential risks, implement preventive measures, and maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the PAS journey.

  5. Continuous Professional Development: By prioritising NVQ & Retrofit qualifications to foster a culture of continuous professional development. Your personnel remain up-to-date with industry practices, technological advancements, and regulatory changes, ensuring their ability to adapt and improve PAS implementation strategies over time.

By emphasising the importance of NVQ & Retrofit qualifications, you showcase your commitment to excellence and the successful implementation of PAS guidelines within your organisation. We believe that investing in the skills and expertise of your personnel will strengthen your ability to meet industry standards and provide exceptional services to your stakeholders.

As we move forward, we encourage all our members to embrace the value of NVQ & Retrofit qualifications and support efforts to maintain the highest standards of PAS implementation. Together, we can ensure a culture of excellence and continuous improvement for the Welsh economy. 


Qualifications Available

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