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PAS2030:2023 - Laying the Foundation Course

The PAS2030:2023 - Laying the Foundation Course

This course provides an in-depth understanding of PAS 2030:2023, the benchmark for quality in energy retrofit projects. It is essential for construction professionals to be adept in these standards to maintain competitiveness and meet regulatory requirements in the retrofit market.

A key feature of this course is its focus on enabling companies to appoint a skilled individual responsible for audit and quality management systems. This role is crucial for ensuring a methodical approach towards gaining and maintaining PAS certification. The course content is structured to cover all aspects of PAS 2030:2023, from technical specifications to compliance and practical application. It equips the designated individual with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead their company through the complexities of the certification process.

For companies in the retrofit sector, understanding and implementing PAS 2030:2023 is vital for operational success and market relevance. The "PAS2030:2023 - Laying the Foundation" course is an investment in professional growth and quality management. It prepares companies not only to meet current industry standards but also to anticipate and adapt to future developments in sustainable construction practices. Enroll in this course to ensure your company's adherence to high standards of energy efficiency and quality in retrofitting projects.

Course Details

Course Type: Classroom

Level: 2

Duration: Flexible

Location: National

Category: PAS & TrustMark



  1. Classroom-based: This traditional approach involves attending in-person classes at our training centre. In a classroom setting, instructors deliver lectures, conduct discussions, and provide hands-on exercises or case studies related to the principles of PAS 2030 and the documentation and quality systems that have to be produced. This format allows for direct interaction with the instructor and fellow learners
  2. Online-based: With our use of the latest technology, we offer online delivery options. This allows candidates to access live lectures, work remotely, and participate in discussion forums. Participants can engage in virtual discussions with instructors and peers.

Day 1: Introduction to PAS 2030 2023 and the Retrofit Market 

Unit 1: Understanding PAS 2030: 2023 

  • Overview of PAS 2030:2023
  • Importance of energy efficiency and retrofitting
  • The role of PAS 2030 in the retrofit market 

Unit 2: The Retrofit Market and Its Regulations 

  • The UK retrofit market landscape
  • Framework of requirements and standards
  • Tendering
  • Introduction to funding such as the Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) 


Day 2: Technical Requirements and Compliance  

Unit 3: Technical Aspects of PAS 2030:2023 

  • Detailed review of PAS 2030 requirements
  • Understanding the technical specifications
  • Office based audit and site audit overview 

Unit 4: Achieving Compliance 

  • Steps to ensure compliance with PAS 2030:2023
  • Documentation and record-keeping
  • Interactive Workshop: Assessing current readiness for PAS 2030 certification


Day 3: Practical Application and Steps to Certification  

Unit 5: Practical Implementation 

  • Case studies: Successful PAS 2030:2023 implementations key learnings
  • Common challenges and how to overcome them
  • Role and responsibilities e.g. Retrofit Coordinator etc 

Unit 6: Certification and Beyond 

  • The process of becoming PAS 2030:2023 certified
  • Maintaining certification, upskilling and benefits of continuous improvement
  • Future outlook, changes to look out for and opportunities in retrofitting
  • Summary


Each day will include interactive sessions, practical exercises, and Q&A opportunities to ensure a comprehensive understanding of PAS 2030: 2023. There will be a multiple-choice questionnaire at the end of each day and a pass score of 75% to complete the Certificate. The course will be beneficial for contractors looking to expand their knowledge and services in the energy-efficient retrofit market as well as its implementation. NetRet will provide a Certificate and CPD document for candidates.



Classroom Based -  £1,300 + vat

On-Line Based - £1,100 + vat

The cost cover tutor fees, learning materials, assessment fees, registration fees, and any necessary resources or equipment.

Funding available in regions so always ask


Qualifications with NetRet Group

  • Fully Accredited and Qualifications
  • Direct Certificate Claims (Quicker Turnaround)
  • Industry Recognised Assessors and Trainers
  • On Line Support
  • Dedicated Assessor & Advisor
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